Summer Recap

I thought I’d start out by doing a recap of our summer. I know it’s not officially over yet but the mornings and evenings have been cool this week here in Southwest Virginia which has me excited for fall to arrive. I’m not quite ready to put away my sundresses and toss out my pink blooms yet so lets all enjoy the nice weather while it lasts.

This summer was a little a lot different than previous summers. Sure last year was different because we had a newborn but this year we have a toddler and he’s full force all.the.time. We also have limited family time because of our current work schedules so we try to make the most of what time we do have together.


During the month of June we played outside a lot.

We went to the park where we climbed, slid, and enjoyed the swing!

20150607_154129 20150607_154926 20150607_155954

We played in the water table and splash pad in the back yard. B accompanied that by swinging backwards (as always) and a new trick of going down the slide head first.

20150626_175025 20150616_112244 20150622_181513-ANIMATION

Beckett rode his “bike” a lot and wiped out on it while trying to get off a few times too (oops!). He also celebrated National Mud Day at preschool (not a fan of being dirty so he wasn’t having it) and visited the animals on a friend’s farm which he loved.
IMG_20150625_204439 IMG_20150626_125133 PART_1435106397174_20150623_194503

We also celebrated Father’s Day with our favorite guy.
1434903460432 20150621_130421 2015062195140042

A couple of other fun firsts in June included visiting the local sno cone stand where I used to work during the summers in high school and riding the Ranger for the first time.
20150615_182125 IMG_20150614_180816


Beckett experienced a real pool for the first time at my aunt’s house a couple of hours away in Knoxville, TN. We also took him to the local Aquatic Center which was a lot of fun for him but a lot of work for us so we didn’t get any pictures.

We also visited the Knoxville Zoo which was super hot and not as big or fun as Joey and I remembered it to be from when we were little. Bummer.
IMG_20150725_160959 20150725_134513 20150725_123443

We spent even more time outside playing with sidewalk chalk and our pup, Wrigley.
Snapchat--3487884379645122868 IMG_20150723_110419  IMG_20150714_192254


We started this month off by visiting the aquarium. B loved all the fish and would get really excited over seeing them at each exhibit. Unfortunately it was dark and super crowded so we didn’t have many good pictures from that first.


We visited Isle of Palms, SC for a couple of days. We are total homebodies so, although it was nice to visit for a couple of days, we were glad to be home. Vacation takes on a whole new meaning when you have kids! Beckett absolutely LOVED the ocean and pool. He really thought he could swim on his own and tried to get away from us many times. I wasn’t sure how he’d feel about the sand but he didn’t mind it one bit and played contently in it for a really long time.

20150811_195507 20150811_200250 20150812_162801 20150812_172326 20150812_172329 143942231253020150812_200048 1439424645008

We went to the first football scrimmage of the year for the high school where my brother plays. Beckett wasn’t really entertained by the football game but he enjoyed pushing around umbrellas and wearing my step dad’s hat.

We enjoyed breakfast outside on our back patio and this little guy somehow figured out how to get his leg up on the tray.

The whole family took a ride in the Ranger one Sunday and we took Wrigley for a walk for National Dog Day.
2015082395163541 20150826_185723

We are looking forward to enjoying the last little bit of summer and hoping for a really nice transition into fall.

Thanks for taking a peek into This Lovely Lewis Life!

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